Spanish chorizo & prawn meal prep

Today’s dish was inspired by an ad on tv . So with prawns in the freezer & half portion of chorizo I threw them together on this meal prep .

A versatile dish , you can and rice , couscous, noodles , tagliatelle to absorb the flavour of the Spanish chorizo with the tomato based sauce.

Spanish chorizo & prawn dish

Eat clean , shop smart on a budget buy

Cheddar cheese filled Burger 🍔

Food doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you plan ahead and cook in bulk. It is possible to eat clean at little expense.

Foods to buy on a budget shop : ⬇️

Oatmeal, whole wheat spaghetti, bananas, canned tomatoes, frozen vegetables, tinned tuna , eggs , potatoes, rice , sweet potato , lentils, quinoa, chickpeas, kidney beans , peanut butter,

Cook in bulk so you have left overs for lunch the next day . Soups , casseroles, curry’s are great for having extra so your not worrying about your next meal to cook .

Shop with a list so your not impulse buying and you know exactly what your buying . Don’t shop on an empty stomach or you will most likely pick foods you were not inclined to buy at the start.

You can choose store brands in local supermarkets, these options are cheaper and can save you money that can be used elsewhere in life.

Check local butchers for deals of the week and stock the freezer with meat this can save a lot of travel to the supermarket in the week especially if it’s over 15min away and your a daily shopper , I find you spend more money if you shop daily rather than one big main shop each week.

Happy Shopping 🛒

Comfort Food for the winter

So we are getting to that time of year again . It’s dark early , cold 🥶 & you want to hibernate until the spring 2022. If you are like me and enjoy good food from home then I have the answer with some of my delicious recipes that won’t leave you in financial turmoil.

With hustle on the side meal prep we try to make your meals taste like you are sitting at a table in a restaurant while keeping the €€ low as well as calories .


▶️ 18 lean beef meatballs

▶️ 2 tins tomatoes

▶️ 2 / 3 tsp smoked paprika

▶️ tbsp mascarpone

▶️ tbsp Worcestershire sauce

▶️ sea salt / black pepper

▶️ 1 pack cubed bacon

▶️ fresh rosemary

▶️ 150g fresh tagliatelle

▶️ light sprinkle Parmesan cheese

▶️ coriander

How to meal prep efficiently

Make a detailed shopping list of the ingredients needed for each meal you are going to prepare that day. You can use columns & section your meats & fish in one , fruit and veg in another , rice cereals & oats in the next.

Chicken stir fry

Go crazy on spices , buy as many different spices to have in your arsenal for flavour , new dishes , experimenting. They last a long time and will always be used .

Make sure your kitchen is clean before starting your prep. Have everything to hand that you will need and close by . This will save time especially if your under pressure to be somewhere.

Homemade potato & veg soup

Break out the slow cooker . This will allow you to do less cooking and free up more of your time whilst cooking in bulk . Meat is extremely tender after this method . You may also just fancy a lazy day and put your feet up to watch Netflix or head out with the family .

Keep the freezer stocked up with ready to go nutritiously prepared meals. Exceptionally good if you have a hectic schedule, have to stay focused for the gym and can’t stray off your diet . Weigh food before entering into the fridge or freezer so your calories and macros are counted for that day . Good apps to use are my fitness pal or fat secret . Both apps are free unless you want to pay upgrades .

Chicken fajitas

Homemade slower cooker chicken Bhuna

Slow cooker chicken bhuna

Ingredients used :

500g diced chicken

2 chopped onions

1 tinned tomatoes

Tsp cumin

Tsp ground ginger

Tsp chilli flakes

2 tsp Garam Masala

3 crushed garlic cloves

Chopped coriander

75g of frozen peas

Lightly fry the chopped onions until soft. Add garlic, chilli flakes, ginger & coriander & a splash of water to mix all the flavour together.

Add your tinned tomatoes, garam masala, diced chicken & peas . Bring to the boil & transfer to slow cooker for 4 – 6hrs on low . Serve with 200g basmati rice & Nan bread

Enjoy 💚

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